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  05/23/06 10:25 PM  




  First Off you have to be a Bond fan to like this movie.  It is pure adrenilin, Testoterone shaken not stirred.  Jonahan Pryce is capable as the Rupert Murdoch-esqe media mogul.  The technology is about five years ahead of society today, but that is vintage bond.
    Much has been said about the tremendous amount of marketing involoved.   With companies like:Avis.gif (3225 bytes) , or Bmwlogo.gif (3082 bytes), the Ultimate Driving Machine, or even Balogo.gif (1662 bytes).
I did not find them too annoying, in fact I LOVED THE ERICCSONLOGO.GIF (917 bytes) cellular phone that could do everything.  I want one of those.
    As always Pierce is as impeccably overdressed as always.  One time he even breaks into a place in a suit.  And it has enough destruction to warrant the James Bond title.  A 7 billion dollar satellite, an arms bazaar, a British Warship, and a BMW 750il, are just a few of the things that get trashed.

Don't expect to get the meaning of life out of this flick, but if you want to get away from it all this is the movie.








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