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  05/23/06 10:25 PM  



    Saturday I saw Titianic, and sicne I have all of your Email addresses I will tell you all what I thought of it, whether you care or not.

    I LOVED IT The powerful portrayal of the human suffering and depression of Sylvestor Stallone's career was awe-inspiring. Sorry wrong terrible disaster.
I truly thought it was good. It was refreshing to see a good movie for a change. It was a nice break from the 2 hour blood and gore of other movies. It made you think and try to imagine what it was like that April night. The whole time the ship was sinking I imagined I was back at Barton Springs in Austin. Barton Springs is a natural pool, that is fed by spring water. The water is COLD I mean COLD but it is 53 degrees year round. The water that the Titanic sank in was 34 degrees.

When I was younger, I had a keen interest in the Titanic call me wierd, which yall do anyway, but I must say that the movie was very accurate. The Real Titanic took about 1:20 to sink, so the sinking is almost real-time.

Interesting fact about the movie; James Cameron the director/writer/producer/special effects/everything else, also made all of the sketches seen in the movie. The man is a genius.

The problems I found with the movies were few, one is a personal one; I have a hard time seeing Leonardo DiCaprio as a 25ish year old
I see him as my age, a teenager, and I saw Rose as about 30, trying to play a teenager.
Also one time When they were doing a fly over of the ship you could tell the people were computer created because they were walking really funny


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